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Makita BL1840X2 196406-9 Twin/Double 18V LXT 4.0Ah Battery Packs

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4.0 Ah battery offers 33% increased run time versus 3.0 Ah batteries with no added weight or bulk
NEW Battery Protection System provides Over-Discharge, Temperature and Current Protection for enhanced performance, battery cycle life and overall battery life (when used with STAR marked tool)
Li-Ion Batteries offer extended run time versus Ni-Cad and Ni-MH batteries
Li-Ion Batteries offer more cycles over the life of the battery versus Ni-Cad and Ni-MH batteries
Optimum Charging System utilizes 3 Active Controls (Current, Voltage & Temperature) to maximize battery life
Built-In Memory Chip communicates with Charger CPU to optimize the charging process based on the unique conditions of each battery
Not compatible with: BCS550, BCS550F, BCS550Z, BGA452, BGA452F, BGA452Z, BJS161, BJS161F, BJS161Z, BJV180, BJV180F, BJV180Z, BPB180, BPB180F, BPB180Z, BSS501, BSS501F, BSS501Z, BST221F, BST221X, BST221Z, BTW450, BTW450F, BTW450FX1, BTW450X, BTW450Z, BTW450ZX1, BVR350, BVR350F, BVR350Z, BVR450, BVR450F, BVR450Z, BVR850, BVR850F, BVR850Z, LXDG01, LXDG01Z, LXDG01Z1, LXJP02, LXJP02Z, LXNJ01, LXNJ01Z, LXWT01, LXWT01Z
Voltage 18V
Amps/Hour 4.0 Ah
Model BL1840
Part Number 196401-9
Number of batteries included 2
(2) BL1840 (196401-9)
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