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Ameta 30-0033 Step Drill 1/4-3/4"

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The step drill bits are the best to cut or enlarge holes in sheet metal, rigid plastic or compostie materials up to 1/8" thick.
All of our step drill bits are cover with our special TITANIUM coating giving them many times longer live than the conventional one.
The 135 degre split point self center come on our each step drille. No need center punch.
Unique shank desing with 6 long flats prevents slippage in keyless chucks.
Our 2 wide flutes elimininated chip build-up, offering you a faster and more accurate drilling.
Size 1/4-3/4"
Number of steps 9
Length 68mm
HEX Shank 1/4"
(1) Step Drill 1/4-3/4"
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