Bostitch ORK6 OEM Repair Kit

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Model No: ORK6
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The Bostitch ORK6 O-ring kit makes it quick and easy for just about anyone to rebuild their nailer; and it will save you time and money over sending the tool out for service. The ORK6 contains everything you need to get your nailer running like new again, and the detailed instructions walk you through the process step by step. You'll have your tool up and running again in no time, and it will run just like it did the first day you took it out of the box.


  • Fits Bostitch MIII Flooring Staplers
  • Models MIII886, MIII812, MIIIFS, & MIIIFN
  • ORK6 is ideal for the consumer (includes lubricant and instructions)
  • Complete instructions
  • Genuine Stanley-Bostitch parts
  • Recommended Replacement for the BOAORK6



  • 1x BC1329 Gasket
  • 1x BC701 Gasket
  • 1x 86314 O-Ring
  • 1x 88999 O-Ring
  • 1x 850144 O-Ring
  • 1x 850626 O-Ring
  • 3x LW8.2 Lock Washer
  • 2x 100653 Lubricant
  • 1x 851885 O-Ring Removal Tool
  • 1x 86460 O-Ring
  • 1x 86458 O-Ring
  • 1x 87251 O-Ring
  • 1x 88998 O-Ring
  • 3x UA2810 Screw
  • 1x 851385 Loctite Compound