JD Squared M50R999496 Model 50 Die Set - 3" Round Tube (3" OD) - 9" CLR - 180DEG

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Model No: M50R999496
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  • Model 50 Die Set - 3" Round Tube (3" OD) - 9" CLR - 180DEG
  • Please Note: Model 50 Series dies are designed to be compatible with all M50 Style benders. However, each bender has a different bending capacity. For example, the Model 52 is unable to bend over 2" OD without an Air/Hydraulic Pump, while the Model 53 can use all available dies with it's standard electric pump. If you have any questions about the bender's capacity, please ask the sales department when placing your order.
  • In the description column, the numbers in the parenthesis [ ex: (6.5-180) ] designate the die set's center line radius and maximum normal degree of bend. Therefore (6.5-180) would represent a die set with a center line radius of 6.5" and would be capable of producing a complete 180 degree bend.
  • The "Center Line Radius" is the bend radius as measured from the center rotation point of the die to the middle of the tubing.
  • The 'Minimum Wall Thickness' represents the minimum wall thickness for consistent high quality, wrinkle-free bends at that outside diameter and radius. The Maximum Wall Thickness represents the maximum bend capacity at that outside diameter and radius.
  • 180 degree bend. Minimum Wall Thickness - .120”. Maximum Wall Thickness – .120”.



  • (1) Model 50 Die Set - 3" Round Tube (3" OD) - 9" CLR - 180DEG (M50R999496)